Who We are

LA Lines provides full logistics across Unites States and Canada.

Mission & Values

We are a leader in the transportation industry using creative and innovative ideas in order to provide the best quality customer service possible.

Company profile

LA Lines Inc is a transportation services company, which moves full trailer, container loads of freight from origin to final destination. With our network we can arrange for the transportation of general commodities for customers throughout the Unites States and Canada. Providing multiple truckload services for each customer, LA Lines Inc is able to take advantage of large amount of freight transported in regional markets.

Our services enable us to better serve our customers and work closely with our drivers. At LA Lines Inc we are able to decrease maintenance expenses, downtime, and enhance our operating efficiencies to give you the best service in the business.

LA Lines history

Since that day in 2000 when LA Lines Inc started with five trucks as a family-owned and operated business, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing our customers and drivers with a positive and satisfying experience. We’ve built our business on integrity and a commitment to the highest standards in the multimodal transportation industry. That dedication to quality has helped LA Lines Inc grow into one of the largest transportation carriers serving the U.S. and Canada.


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